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  • Show 377
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  • Show 375
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  • Show 374
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  • Show 373
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  • Show 370
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  • Show 369
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  • Show NA
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  • Show 368
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  • Show 367
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  • Show 366
    Pete's dancing, Sebastian's cooking, The Irishman, horrible neighbor, and meeting famous athletes and rockstars!
  • Show 365
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  • Show 364
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  • Show 363
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  • Show NA
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  • Show 361
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  • Show 360
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  • Show 359
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  • Show 358
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  • Show 357
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  • Show 356
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  • Show 355
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  • Show 354
    Sebastian throws a mermaid party and Pete trys to go ghost hunting!
  • Show 353
    Sebastian plans a party with sea creatures and Pete goes through hell at a water park!
  • Show 352
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  • Show NA
    Stories about crying, acting, The Gronk, John Mayer, and a game called "Who Can You Take?(in a fight)." We are sponsored by Hims - get a trial month for $5 at
  • Show 351
    Pete meets his old coach and Sebastian plays pickle ball! We are sponsored by Noom - go to for to start your trial today.
  • Show 350
    Someone smokes weed, the Pope embarrasses himself, and we play Italian Take!
  • Show 349
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  • Show 348
    The fellas get to the bottom of a scandal concerning Sebastian's fallen hero. Sponsored by Hims - Get a trial month of Hims for just $5 right now while supplies last at
  • Show 347
    Pete gets into it with some Wet Heads and has some big news about show advertising! We’re sponsored by Noom. Start losing weight today at
  • Show 346
    Sebastian goes to the Oscars! We’re sponsored by Mack Weldon. For 20% off your first order go to and enter the promo code “Djlou” at checkout.
  • Show 345
    Sebastian presents an award and gets some disappointing news! We are sponsored by: Noom - start your trial at Scentbird - sign up today to get 50% off your first month at
  • Show 344
    Michael Jackson vs George Michael!
  • Show 343
    Sebastian meets someone special at John Legend's party and Pete gets Donny Osmond to say his name!
  • Show 342
    Sebastian has to make a deal on his flight, Pete has a crazy Star Wars theory, and the guys give advice on tipping!
  • Show 341
    Sebastian returns with Stern and MSG stories and plays a round of "Italian Take" with Pete! Thanks to: Scentbird - and use promo code DJLou for 50% off your first month Casper - and use promo code DJLou at checkout for $50 towards select mattresses
  • Show 340
    With Sebastian out promoting his MSG gig, Pete reels in some amazing guests-including his own daughter!
  • Show 339
    Pete wants to change his behavior and Sebastian gets left out of the movie awards. Thank you to Mack Weldon. For 20% off your first order go to and enter the promo code “Djlou” at checkout.
  • Show 338
    Pete and Sebastian take The Cast on the road to Orlando Florida!
  • Show NA
    Stories from Christmas Past!
  • Show 337
    Pete comments on Sebastian's acting in the Greenbook movie and creates an "Unexpected Death Box!"
  • Show 336
    The guys all get classy Christmas gifts from the great JJ Watt!!!
  • Show 335
    This week's topics include: Little lies, Tom Cruise's hair, what to call your son's penis, doobies, dirty talk, and big announcements!
  • Show 334
    Sebastian has a big announcement and Pete wants to "martini" his ashes! The Watt family, sick children, possums, DJ Lou's problem, party shelf bottles, a toilet incident--this episode has it all!
  • Show NA
    This is actually episode 279 as aired on SiriusXM. A new cast will be up on Friday!!!
  • Show 333
    Sebastian receives a major award and Pete does what he does at an airport.
  • Show 332
    Sebastian goes to an award show with A-listers for his movie and Pete performs with A-list comedians in Boston!
  • Show 331
    Sebastian wears a group Halloween costume and the guys pay tribute to greatest mustaches of all time!
  • Show 330
    The guys get lottery fever, pretend to be on the phone, and open the mail bag!
  • Show 329
    Sebastian is in NY with DJLou and.....whiskey!!! Pete's wife runs the half marathon and Sebastian dreams of a black Christmas!
  • Show 328
    The guys fall back in love with Janet Jackson and answer the Mail Bag!
  • Show 327
    Both guys face possible medical disasters!
  • Show 326
    Sebastian ponders his first pitch at the Mets game and Pete gets a surprise studio visitor!
  • Show 325
    While the guys are face to face in NYC again, they run into Snoop Dog, Gerry Cooney and try to start a rap battle!
  • Show 324
    Pete gets insulted at a gig and Sebastian gets a "vampire" facial!
  • Show 323
    The guys hang out in L.A. and encounter a famous musician!
  • Show 322
    The guys are knee to knee in the SiriusXM L.A. studios! Pete has sponsor ideas and hair problems. Sebastian gets too much information from his driver and has a lot to say about Pete's looks!
  • Show 321
    Sebastian loses his cool with children and Pete stays over a bilionare's house!
  • Show 320
    The guys discuss bananas, garbage pickup, improv, and thank the fans!!!
  • Show 319
    Sebastian walks us through his hair transplant operation and Pete meets a bear!
  • Show 318
    JJ Watt calls in from training camp and shoots the shit with Pete & Sebastian!
  • Show 7
    While Sebastian is on vacation, we bring you the peeing while driving incident, the cum dump incident, and all the rest of our hits!
  • Show 317
    Sebastian remembers his dancing days with the "Italian Boys" and Pete wants a deer for a pet!
  • Show 316
    Pete's vacation has a rough start and Sebastian can't stop getting his mouth rubbed!
  • Show NA
    Jimmy from Boston joins the crew for The Listener Sebastian Impressions Game!
  • Show 315
    Sebastian meets Mike Tyson, Pete buys a camper, and DJ Lou gets disgusting in Amsterdam!
  • Show 314
    Sebastian goes to an A-list Hollywood party and tries not to embarrass himself!
  • Show 13
    With DJ Lou on vacation, he put together a compilation of funny stories from the past! Be back this Friday with an all new show!
  • Show 313
    Pete tries to have a classy yard sale and Sebastian can't decipher between tourists or muggers!
  • Show 312
    Pete has a challenging time at Disney and Sebastian visits a preschool for the rich and famous!
  • Show 311
    Sebastian makes a choice about his baldness and Pete has the worst procedure a man can have!
  • Show 310
    The show gets off to a good start, then hits the wall and totally bombs!!! This episode is awesomely terrible!
  • Show 309
    Sebastian is fed up with the service industry in Beverly Hills & Pete steals from church!
  • Show 308
    Sebastian has an odd mammal at his baby's birthday party!
  • Show 307
    Sebastian hangs with an iconic actor at his Radio City Hall gig and Pete has trouble at the after-party!
  • Show 306
    DJ Lou drunk texts Pete and Sebastian has major hair problems!
  • Show 305
    Pete teaches his daughter to fetch and Sebastian gets pulled over by the police!
  • Show 304
    Jim Breuer calls in to talk about his night with Billy Joel!
  • Show 303
    Pete stages an intervention for a friend and Sebastian can't stop showering.
  • Show 302
    Sebastian gives Pete advice after he vacations in the worst part of Florida.
  • Show 301
    Pete finally moves out of the basement of horrors and he documents it!
  • Show 300
    Sebastian plays a stadium in Canada and the guys go through their nasty grooming habits as a result of old age.
  • Show 299
    Pete and Sebastian are face-to-face in NYC!
  • Show 298
    Pete meets another icon and Sebastian's dad wants a star-spangled funeral.
  • Show 297
    Pete meets an iconic actor and Sebastian smells trouble on a plane.
  • Show 296
    Pete has a scary situation and Sebastian wants to workout on his movie sets.
  • Show 295
    Sebastian has a security "team" and Pete gets his daughter a golden ticket.
  • Show 294
    Sebastian gives out gifts and JJ Watt calls back!
  • Show 1
    Pete gets help from Vanessa Williams and Sebastian works with Prince in this compilation episode!
  • Show 293
    Sebastian thinks he can't read and Pete takes a risk in the car again.
  • Show 292
    NFL superstar and super fan of this show, JJ Watt calls in! He asks questions about traveling in Italy and displays amazing knowledge of The Pete & Sebastian Show!
  • Show NA
    Hilarious bits, segments, and songs from all the years of The Pete & Sebastian Show-as chosen by DJ Lou- ENJOY!!!
  • Show 291
    The guys open gifts and argue over who is the better parent. Merry Christmas!
  • Show 290
    Sebastian tries to meet Andrea Bocelli and Pete thinks he met Foreigner!
  • Show 289
    Someone has an odd musical intrument on Sebastian's flight and Pete and more parenting tips!
  • Show 288
    Sebastian gets evil looks for his wife's breast-feeding and Pete has a problem with the women's revolution!
  • Show 287
    Jimmy from Boston joins the guys for an exciting game of "Sound Like Sebastian!"
  • Show 286
    Pete loves his gospel choir and Sebastian gets offended on a flight in this new episode!
  • Show 285
    Sebastian has rats and Pete has yet another disturbing encounter on a plane in this hilarious new epsiode!
  • Show 284
    Sebastian has a major announcement and meets his hero in a juice bar! Pete has a broken-heart story and talks about guys who put no effort into their relationships.
  • Show 283
    Pete and DJ Lou teach Sebastian how to smoke cigarettes, and play a tribute montage to the great JJ Watt!
  • Show 282
    Pete will eat out of an ashtray, DJ Lou is unhealthy, and Sebastian reads the mailbag!
  • Show 281
    Pete accidentally gives out someone's address, Sebastian battles new critters, and the guys tell each other children's stories as a competition!
  • Show 280
    Pete challenges Sebastian to a reading contest and Sebastian makes a sweet deal.
  • Show 279
    Lots of disgusting topics in this episode. I can't even write it....
  • Show 278
    Sebastian gets weird at his wife's party and Pete has tips for stain removal!
  • Show 277
    No one is commenting on Sebastian's baby pics. Pete has a big disagreement with his wife and the guys remember what it was like to be in the prime of their good looks!
  • Show 276
    Sebastian writes his will and Pete does something awful in his car while driving!
  • Show 275
    Sebastian tries to joke at the doctor, Pete plays a round of Italian Take, and DJ Lou wears an embarrassing necklace!
  • Show 274
    DJ Lou knows where Sinead O'Connor is hiding, Sebastian is a bad audience at Gaga, and Pete teaches his daughter to poop in the woods!
  • Show 273
    Pete has a problem with the mechanic and Sebastian encounters two street thugs!
  • Show 272
    Someone tries to steal Pete's air and Sebastian goes to the hippie market!
  • Show 271
    Pete swims with bacteria and Sebastian acts with Jeremy Renner. Also, this show needs rehab and find out what a Produce Fairy is!
  • Show 270
    Pete has a visitor at his new home and Sebastian continues to get into it with strangers on the plane.
  • Show 269
    Sebastian says the worst thing possible to an old lady. Pete wants to kiss his wife's belly in front of a pony. The Scar Tissue book read for you by Correale.....yes, it's a Best Of Show. But a damn funny one!
  • Show 268
    Sebastian plans to charm the passengers and pilot on his flight and Pete argues about the most moving Oscar speeches.
  • Show 267
    Pete spots "a big celebrity" and thinks he will get "wacked" because he talked about it. Sebastian has trouble with bad service again and wont stand for it.
  • Show 266
    Sebastian has the most important movie audition of his life and Pete finds a second family in this new episode!
  • Show 265
    Pete continues to dazzle us with his alternative parenting skills and JJ Watt sends the guys hilarious texts in this new episode! (Posted a day early-happy Sunday!!!!)
  • Show 264
    Sebastian's wife Lana, A.K.A. Supermom, comes on to teach Pete how to pop corn. Sebastian declares himself "King of the Conversation Starters", and Pete fails as a jukebox hero.
  • Show 263
    Sebastian plays the Fox Theater in Detroit right after Chris Cornell died. Also, Pete doesn't even remember interviewing Cornell back in the day! We play the tape. Meeting new friends, paying to attend a birthday dinner, Jimmy From Boston is much in this NEW episode!!! Enjoy your weekend!
  • Show 262
    While Pete is on vacation in Mexico, he talks swimming pool etiquette with Sebastian. The guys address some fans from social media and DJ Lou pays tribute to Chris Cornell.
  • Show 261
    Sebastian gets competitive with a Michael Jackson impersonator and Pete gives him a questionable baby gift in this new episode!
  • Show 260
    Sebastian has a life-changing week!!! Enjoy this NEW EPISODE #260!!!
  • Show 160
    Sebastian has two life-changing experiences is on week!!! Enjoy this new episode!
  • Show 259
    Sebastian gets assaulted by a toddler and Pete praises the Amish in this compilation episode. A new show will be posted this Friday-a few days early-as a thank you to the podcast listeners for hanging in there!
  • Show 258
    Sebastian tries to explain the concept of money to small children and Pete records himself misbehaving in church in this new episode!
  • Show 257
    A crime is committed at the Maniscalco home, Pete interprets The Godfather, and a new take on the guy dragged by United.
  • Show 256
    Sebastian finds the perfect "service" and Pete stops asking famous people for pictures.
  • Show 255
    Sebastian gets into "cupping" and Pete gets a lion tamer to call in!
  • Show 254
    Pete shows off his eclectic taste in music and Sebastian remembers that he once had a gig where he dressed as a pirate!
  • Show 253
    We celebrate Italian Americans for St. Paddy's Day! Pete flips out on a pilot AGAIN, Sebastian tells stories of dating in high school, and so much more!
  • Show 252
    Sebastian catches a thief in his home, Pete gives parenting advice about tantrums, and DJ Lou is asleep on the job!
  • Show 251
    The guys imagine what it would be like to host the Oscars, and reveal how they first said "I love you" to their wives!
  • Show 250
    Sebastian has baby fever and Pete hangs out with the great JJ Watt!!!
  • Show 249
    Pete takes his family out to an embarrassing dinner and Sebastian saw the play "Hamilton!" Find out if he stayed for the whole thing....
  • Show 248
    The show makes its premiere on SiriusXM! Thanks for waiting! Enjoy!
  • Show 247
    Sebastian deals with raccoons, a thief, and a car crash. Pete has to endure a millennial on the plane, a gay pass in traffic, and North Korea. Check out this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 246
    Twice in one week! Pete ignores his skin irritation long enough to educate us about life in Korea and Sebastian gets a treadmill delivered to his hotel room in this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 245
    The guys are back for the new year! Find out how their holidays went: someone got slapped and tears were shed in this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 244
    Sebastian gets a cold nurse at the hospital, Pete blows his nose in a sock, plus- DJ Lou and Jimmy From Boston go see Sebastian's stand-up show in this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 243
    Pete's mistake ruins this week's show! Find out why in this new episode!!!
  • Show 242
    Sebastian marches in a parade and gets a home nurse. Pete prepares for Christmas and home intruders. Enjoy this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 241
    Pete and Sebastian discover that they are gaining weight, they try new party games, and one of them lives next to a murder!
  • Show 240
    The guys have a major announcement concerning the future of this show.....
  • Show 239
    Pete goes to a comedian wedding and loses his mind at the dumpy hotel. Sebastian has some life-changing news and has to find out what a dula does in this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 238
    Sebastian has to confront raccoons, they play a round of Italian Take, and find out who is the best dancer in this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 237
    Someone gives out coins with his own face on it. Sebastian got a bit nude on a plane. Lots of announcements and funny stories in this new episode!
  • Show 236
    Sebastian is promoting his 3rd Showtime special, find out what a "farmer's blow" is, and Pete meets a Goodfella and may or may not have made it awkward!
  • Show 235
    Sebastian gets into a traffic incident, Pete meets a superfan, and find out about Tony Ocean and Terry Buchwald in this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 234
    Pete gets to hang with Vince Vaughn, Sebastian has NYC adventures, the molestation test, Tony Robbins, and so many hilarious stories in this new episode!
  • Show 233
    Pete helps Sebastian with preparing for parenthood, Sebastian hangs out with Brian Regan, and Pete explains last week's debacle in this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 232
    Pete gives us a peek inside the writer's room and Sebastian gets his first billboard on Sunset Boulevard in this hilarious new episode!
  • Show 231
    Sebastian reveals a very personal plan for the fertility clinic and Pete has an idea on how to run faster in the Olympics in this hilarious new episode!
  • 30