• Helen says:

    Just wanted to reach out and provide you feedback. First I like to start off with my husband and I are huge fans of Sebastian. On September 27th we waited patiently for tickets to go on sale for the 2/20/17 at the NJPAC Center. We thought this would be a perfect outing for us to invite our daughters boyfriends parents (who are also huge fans) out foir a great evening of laughs. We readily purchased tickets and splurged on seats in the Grand C section. Row B. Seats 105-108. To our dismay we found out that evening that your crew would be taping live and our seats would be obstructed with two camera men instead of our center view of Sebastian. We are not one to complain but can’t help but feel like we gypped out of 382.00.

  • Kimberly White says:

    Dear Sebastian,
    My daughter and I are HUGE fans of yours. She is 16, and over the last few years she has been going through the awkward teenage years. However your stand up always brings us new life in our relationship. From the antifreeze on bologna, to the supermarket u scan, we have had so many laughs and memories to share with your input and vision. Buffalo NY March 25 Sheas, we will be there and she will be wearing the Orangina shirt I had made for her when I gave her the tickets at Christmas taped to a bottle of orangina.
    We actually had to go to Canada to find it, but when we did we toasted it while enjoying your HBO special. I just really wanted to thank you for letting my daughter see that there are other people out there with good values and respect for their elders not lost in cyberspace but, real valuable and personal relationships. Your realty not only brings us laughter and joy, but realism and creative thinking in a dull and un-personable reality society is facing. Again March 25 Buffalo NY we will be toasting to entenmanns and orangina, looking so forward to experiencing your show live. Cheers!!

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